The Big Listen: Biffy Clyro – A Celebration of Endings



Biffy Clyro - 一个结局的庆祝活动



考虑到岩石的长期关系,奇怪的是,当涉及到实际音乐时,它经常遇到势利和清教徒。它不需要这种方式 - 大多数类型的偏远乐队都很狡猾地留在他们的车道上 - 但它是,并且有一个例外,大声证明了规则。Biffy Clyro., 例如。

The Scottish trio – major festival headliners, a card-carrying arena draw – have long sought to exist on their own plain, where florid instrumentals and synthetic flavours are free to rub shoulders with slash and burn distortion. Over the course of almost two decades they have cribbed from bilious post-hardcore, neo-classical pomp-rock and syrupy balladeering, often within a song or two of one another.

“当前一天,我穿上了Civil WarbyGuns N’ Roses近30岁,“西蒙尼尔最近告诉我们。“这是吹口哨,一部电影的摘录,这是六到七分钟,它以雷雨结束。这是他妈的'荒谬。这就是摇滚音乐的样子。让我们不要礼貌。我希望我们成为一切的一切,而是作为一个摇滚乐队,它并不需要一直适合一个盒子。我认为我们不需要警察自己的类型。“


Appropriately, Biffy’s new LP seeks to reconnect them with their roots while also leaning hard into the overblown theatrics that have facilitated 10 years of confetti explosions. To begin at the end, the LP’s closer Cop Syrup windmills from pit-ready guitar histrionics and throat-shredding screams into a pastoral instrumental passage, building to a crescendo before collapsing in on itself. After the more austere省略,这也是由返回富豪的Costey生产的,这是一种振铃在线外的着色。

Rewind 45 minutes or so and you’ll find the table set byNorth Of No South劈开铅线和怪物合唱。它与教科书Biffy一样接近,因为你会得到雷鸣般的提醒,提醒Johnston Brothers的锚定严肃的rifff,但尼尔爬进驼峰的方式表明过去的冒险成就。非常有力的End Ofhas the same wild air to it—even after all these years, chaos is a good look on them. “I’ll tell you right now, I would have fuckin’ died for you,” Neil howls, and you believe him.

North of No Southalso plays an important thematic role onA Celebration of Endings, with Neil cut adrift by the surge of negative headlines, wilful cruelty and grubby political double dealing of the time. As is often the case his words are a little opaque, but in its central melody he hits relatable paydirt with the lyric “Your north has gone out west.” There have been too many occasions in recent years where that sentiment has rung true.

Biffy Clyro庆祝结局

Certainly, though, the rekindling of their love affair with stop-start rhythms and jagged breakdowns could have gone further. As promised, this is a wildly diverse record, and there are bum notes among the highs.Instant Historyis watered down to the point that post-post-post-dubstep is probably the best description available, whileSpaceshoots for emotionally affecting but backslides into ballad-by-numbers.


Next to the smart, streamlined indie-rock ofWorst Type of Best Possibleand the peppy melodicism ofTiny Indoor Fireworks(witness its ‘Hey! Hey! Hey!’ intro as prime singalong real estate) they miss the targets set for Biffy’s more commercial side, which has generally retained enough in the way of wonky dynamics or weirdo phrasing to keep things interesting.

Biffy Clyro.

Perhaps that’s the natural trade off when a band seeks to recapture the dynamic that drove them when they were young and up for a scrap. Back in 2007Puzzle由于其丰富的平凡的分流,因此,从蓝色的螺栓,但它们从深入挖掘到任何事情的固体基础上发射到后面的场景。无论有什么BIFFY选择在这里做,现在都会缺乏震荡价值。这不是他们的错,这就是它的方式。他们现在是该建立。

A Celebration of Endingsfeels triumphant at times because it kicks so hard at that reality. There are moments of gonzo noise here, delivered by a band who appeared to have lost sight of that element of their make up for good. They rattle from the speakers with a sense of release and unbridled fervour. It sounds like Biffy Clyro are having fun. Big, loud, obnoxious fun.

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