Córdoba吉他融合5review: an accessible, modern hybrid nylon-string

Can this affordable crossover model tempt steel-string players towards the nylon side?





尼龙弦吉他的令人回味的声音吸引了许多流行,民间和爵士世界的演奏者来探索这些乐器。但是,由于脖子的宽阔和典型的吉他吉他动作,首先接触可能会对尼龙新手感到震惊。对于许多人来说,答案是一种混合“跨界”吉他,旨在使尼龙体验更容易获得。一个这样的例子是新的Fusion 5模型,它由其创造者描述科尔多巴吉他as the perfect choice to transition from a steel-string to a nylon-string guitar.

There are several indicators here that we are dealing with a modern nylon hybrid. The cutaway and soundhole-mountedFishmanSonitone控件是死去的赠品。不太明显的是略微较小的(但仍然按钢弦标准宽)48mm的螺母宽度,以及16英寸的指板半径和侧面位置标记。古典玩家可能更喜欢他们的士兵,但侧面点是天赐之物,对于我们这些习惯从他们那里获得方位的人来说。

Modern touch: the pearloid rosette is a concession to style


Fusion 5还具有粉丝支架的固体云杉顶,带有叠层的桃花心木后部和侧面,并带有三件式的脖子,并带有Pau Ferro Fretboard。视觉主题通过Pau Ferro桥,PAU FERRO床头柜和复合结合延续,它具有统一的,即使略微散布的外观。低调的蓬勃发展以Córdoba在珠宝商中的简单床头库徽标的形式出现,灵感来自西班牙南部Córdoba的Mezquita清真寺大教堂的拱门,以及一个有吸引力的珍珠质玫瑰花结。

核融合:Fusion 5旨在吸引钢筋玩家

In use

Fusion 5凭借轻巧的重量,良好的平衡和上限的访问,是腿上非常舒适的乐器。它也非常响亮而活泼,扇形式的固体上衣可以快速响应,而桃花心木的背部和侧面则以强烈,干燥的基本角色更加典型地使弗拉门戈仪仪的切割声音更典型。

The setup is friendly with a low action that won’t feel excessively alien to the steel-string player but there’s scope for some further fret polishing and fretboard buffing. While classical players predominantly use a sideways vibrato, the majority of players coming to this instrument from a more contemporary playing background might find that their wider up-and-down vibrato technique causes more than a few extraneous noises.

Arch Look:徽标的灵感来自西班牙Córdoba的一栋历史建筑

If you’re not careful, this exacerbated somewhat by the choice of pickup system. Undersaddle pickups can be notoriously tricky on nylon-string instruments. In this case, you may find yourself reaching for the tone control to tame the slightly synthetic crunch to the initial transient of each note – additional equalisation from an acoustic preamp or effects processor offers greater control and helps sweeten the tone.


Spruce up: the solid fan-braced spruce top ensures a fast response

Though the competition from雅马哈的NCX和NTX仪器很凶猛,如果您要以入门级价格释放内部的入门级价格舒适的尼龙弦乐电气何塞·冈萨雷斯(JoséGonzález), Jason Mraz or evenLeonard Cohenthen you could certainly do worse than the Fusion 5. And the Jet Black and sunburst alternatives are good-looking choices for stage use. However, you’ll have to budget for strap buttons to be fitted as they don’t come as standard.

Key Features

  • PRICE£372
  • DESCRIPTION6-string electro-acoustic single-cutaway nylon-string guitar, made in China
    BUILDFan-braced solid spruce top, laminated mahogany back and sides, three-piece mahogany neck with dovetail joint, pau ferro fingerboard with 16” radius, bone nut, pau ferro bridge with bone saddle, 19 medium-small frets
  • HARDWARECórdoba14:1带有黑色ebonoid按钮的调谐器
  • ELECTRONICSFishman Sonitone Nylon Guitar System with combined 9v battery box and jack socket and soundhole-mounted volume and tone controls
  • SCALE LENGTH25.6英寸/650mm
  • NECK WIDTH48mm at nut, 58.5mm at 12th fret
  • NECK DEPTH21mm at first fret, 24mm at 9th fret
  • STRING SPACING38.9mm at nut, 59.7mm at bridge
  • WEIGHT1.6kg/3.5lb
  • FINISHNatural gloss polyurethane (as reviewed), Jet Black (£441), Sonata Burst (£441)

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